Island melting: A process

This post wants to summarize the processes that I made to elaborate my artifact.

  • Initially, I begin with the research about culture and geography of Vanuatu. This island country in the South Pacific Ocean with 270,000 inhabitants in 12,189 km2 (4,706 sq mi). Also, is one of the places in which SolarSPELL is implemented.
  • With this information, I look for the geographical information of the country, to develop a 3D model. The initial data is a USGS data from the country. Using ArcGIS software, this is produced in a raster tif archive, filtered to show the height of the selected area.
  • The selected area was modified for an stl archive to prepare the 3D model. The first model was modified in a vertical exaggeration in a factor of 7.5, because of the short altitude of an island in the model. Here the collaboration of Mattew Toro (Map and Geospacial Hub) aims me to get rid of this challenge of scale.
  • I print in the AME maker space the 3D model, using a high-resolution printer to get the geographical details that can be represented by the modified raster 3D model.
  • With this information, I used a silicone plastique in two phases, to when is mixed, can be molded and produce a shape. Jennifer Weiler shares this material with me. After covering the 3D print model with the plastique, took 1 hour in be complete polymerize.
  • photo5183881267366701053
  • With this, I produce Ice cubes tray and the ices with the shape of Vanuatu. This takes 45 minutes in be frozen in each iteration.
  • Finally, I prepare a natural mango juice, because is one of the most popular fruits that Vanuatu produces. In addition, I look for maps to prepare the setting of the conversation:
    • How we can make more awareness about the systemic effects of climate change in island communities?
  • photo5183881267366701054
  • For me, this artifact connects poles melting with the sea arise level, as well with the effect of climate change in the geographies, communities, and places. Think about (close-)futures climates refugees is something that is necessary, but also is direct compelling to current effect, that happens during our conversations, pushing a tension between doing and thinking.

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