3D Printing Infomercial

For my final project I decided to do an infomercial with my 3D prints. As discussed in class I decided to rely on footage found online instead of filming an actual person using these because I wanted to make the video as impartial as possible. Usually in infomercials the goal is to sell the product and this was not what I wanted, my goal was to make sure an idea was being communicated without persuading the viewer to either want to download a “weapon” or not. This also made me rely on a comedic approach as I still wanted to stay true to the infomercial feel which lead to me “selling the ad” and not the 3D prints themselves.

It was an overall very interesting experience where I was able to learn how infomercials are structured and the amount of persuasion that goes in them. This also made me reflect on the lack of regulations surrounding 3D printing, not just in the designs you can download , but how easy it is to make the prints themselves. In this way I think my infomercial can be a great discussion starter and make the viewer reflect on what should we be able to 3D print.


LINK to video! : https://youtu.be/64CtGICIu28

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