Project Research Simulator: Final Project Documentation Julian Enriquez

The topic for my final project was Animal Testing. The reason why chose Animal Testing was because of the many controversies surrounding the topic. Typing the words Animal Testing in a search engine usually gave me two things. One, you have people creating articles depicting Animal Testing as bad and unnecessary. However, the other side was quite the opposites, showing the benefits of animal testing and how it lead to the developing of many life saving cures and treatments. For my final artifact, I created a Management Game where you play as the Director of a Animal Testing Research Facility. You are entrusted with managing your research facility, choosing what methods of research to what kind of animals will be used for animal testing. The goal for this projects was to have the experience the hardships and challenges of an Animal Testing Director.

The feedback was very helpful and would’ve like to implement all the things that were suggested. The main goal is to make the experience very engaging and simple and I believe I was able to accomplish that during showcase.


I also wanted to be as neutral as possible when designing the game, meaning I didn’t intend to present something that depicted animal testing as either good nor bad. I wanted show what it’s like inside a research facility that conducts animal testing. I tried to simplify the mechanics for the game for two reasons, one simply because of the time constraints. I was afraid if I added too many game mechanics, I wouldn’t have been able to finish it in time. The second reason is that I designed the game to be a prototype. Simplicity came into mind when designing this game. Because of that, it took some time to decide what mechanics to present and if they make sense. After this semester, I plan to expand the game further, redesigning and implementing other things. I believe this game proved to be effective in depicting the life a researcher. I might change the topic of the game from animal testing to research in general. I believe this project has a lot of potential and can’t wait to work on it again during the break.

All in all, I really enjoyed working on this project, I ran into some obstacles but as a result discovered new ways of implementing and other things. Maybe when I finish the new version of this game, I can upload it on this blog or keep you guys posted on my progress via email.

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