This course [AME 82186] examines the methods, platforms, and materials that support public participation in science. Our work will revolve around physical prototyping with digital, organic, and analog materials to envision new forms of open, democratic, and accessible science practice. Our materially-oriented work will be grounded in theoretical concepts from HCI (Human Computer Interaction), design, and STS (Science and Technology Studies). Classes will include graduate-level seminar discussions, hands-on prototyping sessions, and fieldwork with practitioners.

During the course, students will develop three physical artifacts themed around:

  1. Visualizing professional science data to non-experts (learning);
  2. Do It Yourself science experimentation (doing);
  3. Science ethics or politics (thinking).

These final artifacts will be exhibited in a public showcase to initiate broader dialogues around non-expert engagement with science.

Instructor Name: Stacey KuznetsovAdam Nocek
Instructor Email: kstace@asu.eduadam.nocek@asu.edu
Meeting Days and Hours: Tuesday, 3pm-5.45pm
Office Hours: Tuesday 2pm-3pm or by appointment; Stauffer B270
Semester and Year: Fall 2017
Hours of operation: For FabLab, Mon-Fri, 9am-9pm, 10-6 Sat

To enroll, register for AME 82186.

This is a graduate-level course, but a few seats can be made open to senior-level undergraduates upon request.

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