All assignments are due by 11.59am on the day of the deadline!
b assignments are blogging and research assignments (2 points)
a assignments require you to make a physical artifact (25 points)

b1. introductions | due Friday Aug 24 
join the blog and share a citizen science project
b2. science dataset visualization concepts | due Tuesday Aug 28
find a science dataset and 3 data visualizations you like
b3. science dataset artifact proposal | due Tuesday Sept 4
propose an artifact that engages the public with scientific data
b4. science dataset visualization update | due Tuesday Sept 11
post an update about your data viz and bring all materials to class
a1. engagement with scientific data | due Tuesday Sept 18 
create an artifact that engages the public with a science dataset
b5. find 3 examples of DIY science | due Tuesday Sept 25
post 3 DIY science experiment examples
b6. DIY science experiment proposal | due Tuesday Oct 2
propose a DIY science experiment & artifact concept
b7. DIY science experiment update | due Tuesday Oct 16
post your DIY science experiment update and bring materials to class
a2. DIY science experiment results/artifact | due Tuesday Oct 30
create an artifact that communicates your DIY science experiment
b8. Artifacts that materialize science issues | due Tuesday Nov 6
post 3 examples or artifacts that materialize scientific issues
b9. science ethics and politics artifact proposal | due Tuesday Nov 13
propose an artifact to materialize a science ethics or policy issue
b10. science ethics artifact update | due Tues Nov 20
post your ethics/politics artifact update
a3. materializing scientific issues | due Tuesday Nov 27
create an artifact that materializes a science ethics or politics issue
final project showcase | date TBA

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