Tentative class readings (each student must sign up to present at least 5 papers)


For Tuesday, Aug 28

Street Science, Chapter 1.
Jason Corburn
[Valerie Leah]

Making Public Things: How HCI Design Can Express Matters of Concern
DiSalvo, et al.
[presented by Mario Mendoza]

Post-Normal Science
Funtowicz, S. O. and Ravetz, J. R.
[presented by Andrew Hudson]

For Tuesday, Sept 4

The Politics of Measurement and Action
Kathleen H. Pine and Max Liboiron
[presented by Alejandra ]

Beyond Radical Design?
Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby (Ch1 from Speculative Everything)
[presented by Heesun]

Making Things Public: Atmospheres of Democracy (pg 1-26)
Latour, B. and Weibel, P.
[presented by Mat]

For Tuesday, Sept 11

Why Research-Oriented Design Isn’t Design-Oriented Research: On the Tensions Between Design and Research in an Implicit Design Discipline
Daniel Fallman
[presented by Andrew Robinson]

On the objects of design
Binder, et al.
[presented by Julian Enriquez]

Public Interactives and the Design of Technological Literacies (Selections) pg 95-102; 123-132.
Anne Balsamo
[presented by Martin ]

For Tuesday, Sept 25

Everyday food science as a design space for community literacy and habitual sustainable practice
Stacey Kuznetsov, Tina Santana, Elenore Long
[Mat ]

Spectacles and Tropes: Speculative Design and Contemporary Food Cultures
Carl DiSalvo
[presented by Heesun]

Outlaw, hackers, victorian amateurs: diagnosing public participation in the life sciences today
Christopher M. Kelty
[presented by Mario Mendoza]

For Tuesday Oct 2

What can science and technology studies learn from art and design? Reflections on ‘Synthetic Aesthetics’
Jane Calvert and Pablo Schyfter
[presented by Martin]

Selections from Tactical Biopolitics (Eugene Thacker’s chapter; intro is optional)
[presented by ]

For Tuesday Oct 10- No class readings optional

Urban Sensing: Out of the Woods Toward a Public Rhetoric Through Participatory Design
Dana Cuff, Mark Hansen, and Jerry Kang
[presented by ]

Dynamic Changes in Motivation in Collaborative Citizen-Science Projects
Rotman, et al.
[presented by ]

Sensr: Evaluating a Flexible Framework for Authoring Mobile Data-Collection Tools for Citizen Science
Kim, et al.
[presented by ]

For Tuesday,  Oct 16

Biological Citizenship
Rose & Novas
[Alejandra Rodriguez  ]

At the seams: DIYbio and opportunities for HCI
Stacey Kuznetsov, Alex S. Taylor, Tim Regan, Nicolas Villar, Eric Paulos

up to “revolt” in Hacker Manifesto
[presented by Andrew R]

For Tuesday, Oct 23

No readings (catch up on readings from previous weeks, project updates)

For Tuesday, Oct 31

(no readings, artifact crits in class)

For Tuesday, Nov 6

Hacking Culture, Not Devices: Access and Recognition in Feminist Hackerspaces
Sarah Fox, Rachel Rose Ulgado, and Daniela K. Rosner
[presented by Julian Enriquez ]

Critical Making: Conceptual and Material Studies in Technology and Social Life
Matt Ratto
[presented by Heesun]

Experience Prototyping
Marion Buchenau, Jane Fulton Suri
[presented by Ale ]

For Tuesday, Nov 13
An ecology of practices
Isabelle Stengers
[presented by Andrew H]

Situated Knowledges (if you’re out of time, start on the last paragraph of page 6)
Donna Haraway
[presented by Martin]

Consuming monsters: big, perfect, infectious
Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby (Ch4 from Speculative Everything)
[presented by Mat!]

For Tuesday November 20

Racism, Technology and the Limits of Western Knowledge
Michelle M. Wright
[ Andrew R]

Gender, Hierarchy, and Science
Mary Frank Fox
[ ]

Feminist HCI: Taking Stock and Outlining an Agenda for Design
Shaowen Bardzell
[ Julian Enriquez ]

Tuesday, Nov 27
Artifact 3 crits in class


Intersecting with Unaware Objects
William Odom, Ron Wakkary

Nurturing Natural Sensors
Stacey Kuznetsov, William Odom, James Pierce, Eric Paulos

Spectacles and Tropes: Speculative Design and Contemporary Food Cultures
Carl DiSalvo



Critical Engagements and Creative Expression in the Neighborhood Networks Project
Carl DiSalvo, Marti Louw, David Holstius, Illah Nourbakhsh, Ayça Akin

Homemade Cookbooks: A Recipe for Sharing
Hilary Davis, Bjorn Nansen, Frank Vetere, Toni Robertson, Margot Brereton, Jeannette Durick, Kate Vaisutis


Additional readings:


Digital Naturalism (Inspirations Booklet)
Andrew Quitmeyer and Michael Nitsche

xPrint: A Modularized Liquid Printer for Smart Materials Deposition

Wang, et al.


Consuming monsters: big, perfect, infectious
Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby (Ch4 from Speculative Everything)

G-nome Surfer: a Tabletop Interface for Collaborative Exploration of Genomic Data
Shaer, et al.

bioLogic: Natto Cells as Nanoactuators for Shape Changing Interfaces
[presented by ]

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